The most important to Montpeul’ Swing is that you are in the level which is most comfortable for you. For us, it’s less about making high level dancers, but instead, more about preserving an openness and willingness to share the joy of the dance. 


Here are some suggestions for finding the right level:

1. Read the following level descriptions closely

2. During the first week of the semester, we invite you to come and try the classes! If you’re unsure of your level, there is no better way than to simply try that class. 

3. Ask one of the teachers! Our team of teachers is more than happy to help you find the level that will most challenge and inspire you.


You’ve never danced swing or you wish to revisit the basics.

Lindy Hop: Learn the basics to dancing in couple so that you can have a blast on the dance floor.

Solo Jazz: Want to dance to swing without a partner? No problem. Learn the basic steps to create some classic solo jazz.

Lindy Hop Switch: In this class, you will learn to dance both roles (i.e. learning to lead and follow).


You’ve danced for around 6 months to 1 year and you wish to exploring more in depth the richness of this dance. 

Lindy Hop: Discover new passes and mix new rhythms to start perfecting your leading or following.  

Lindy Hop Switch: You dance both roles but now you’re ready to enlarge your vocabulary and solidify your rhythm! 


You’ve danced around 1 to 2 years and you are comfortable mixing rhythms of 6 and 8 count, as well as Charleston. You are also at ease with the swingout and swingout variations.

Connexion & Technique: Develop a subtle and yet precise connection to make your dance more fluid and and rich.  

Party Moves: Learn the moves that you can bust out to bring life to the party.

Choreo Team: Join the team and learn group choreographies in Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz.

Solo Jazz: Learn some of the classics solo steps and routines form the 1930s and 40s! 

Girls’ Chorus Line: This class is to learn the choreographies inspired by the women pioneers of the 30s. These choreographies are in a style more feminine and yet still having rhythmic madness.  


This level is for the dancers who are the total addicts… that is, if you are an advanced dancer who attends international workshops regularly, performs and competes, dances to fast tempos as well as dances multiple hours per week, this class if for you. If you wish to join this class, there might be an informal audition and be prepared to be called on to help the teachers demonstrate the moves!