How do I register ?

It’s important that you register online! There is a form you can find under the registration section of the website. After, you can come directly to classes. the first class is free to try and payment can be made on any of the first three weeks in cash or check.

How does the trimester work ?

We have three trimesters per year : one in fall, one in winter, and one in spring. Each trimester is 10 weeks long of classes.

What is the difference between 6 count, 8 count, and Charleston???

I am a beginner and I want to join in Swing 1 classes, but I don’t know which to choose! Where should I begin?

In the dance, there are three types of basic steps: the 6 count, the 8 count, and the charleston. Each trimester, our Swing 1 classes change between these themes… Therefore after three trimestres, you will have learned all three in the same class.

In other words, it’s not important which one choose because by the end of the year, you’ll learn all three!

…Or if you’re very motivated, you can sign up for the Pass Addict and learn all three steps in one trimester!

Generally, you will need all three steps before progressing to level 2. 

Do I need a partner to register?

Or can I register and take class individually?

You can register without a partner, it’s totally possible! However, in the case that the classes aren’t balanced between leaders and followers, we prioritize those students who have signed up with a partner.

In addition, when students sign up without a partner, we prioritize those in the order by which they have signed up… so it’s best to sign up fast!

Also very important!!! The role of the leader and follower are not dependent upon the gender of the student! Therefore, in the case that space is limited due to more leaders than followers, or vise-versa, we encourage students consider learning the other role.

Lastly, we also offer classes dedicated to the learning of both roles (leader and follower). These are great classes, open to everyone, and highly recommended to students who wish to learn more in depth about connection and technique. 


What should I expect on my first day of class?

When you come to class—whether you sign up with or without a partner—you will have the opportunity to dance with all the other students. We believe changing partners is essential to learning the dance, and it gives you the chance to connect to other dancers with ease when dancing in a festival or at a soirée where there are other dancers!

In the dance, there are two roles: leader, and follower. We believe that these roles are not determined by gender, and therefore we encourage you to choose the one which feels right for you. 

What should I wear?

We recommend that you come dressed comfortable, with shoes and clothing that allows you to move!

Do you offer free classes to try???

Yes absolutely !

The first two classes of each trimester are free to try! More so, we offer free initiation classes for the general public every Thursday at 20h30 at the Gazette Café… See you there !