How do I register?

You only need to fill out the inscription form and come straight to our classes! We invite you to come and try all the classes you want during your first week!

Can I try the classes before signing in?

If you have never taken any swing class and you would like to start as a beginner, we organize a ‘free trail week’ during the first week of September (from the 2nd to the 4th). That week is open and free for everybody!

For all the rest, at the beginning of each session you can come and try all the classes you want before you make a decision. Our teachers and volunteers will be there to answer to all your questions during the first weeks.

We highly recommend you to fill out the pre-inscription form online even if you are not sure you’re going to continue after a trial class.

How do I make the payment?

Once you’ve filled out the form and chosen the class or classes you want to join, you can make your payment (in cash or by check) according to the formula that suits you the most. Payments will be accepted during the three first weeks of each regular session and during the two first weeks of the Jump Session and will be taken our volunteers present at the end of each class.  You can also make your payment during the ‘Discovery week’ for beginners (from the 2nd to the 4th September)

Given the fact that the beginner classes are sometimes unbalanced between the number of people signed up for the dancing roles (leader/follower), we will accept payments in the following way:

  • Discovery week: only people signing in in couple
  • Week 1: Only people signing in in couple and people signing in as leaders
  • Week 2 & 3: couples, leaders & followers

How does the year work?

Our year is composed by 33 weeks of class divided into 3 sessions:

  • Two regular sessions of 14 weeks (Sep 9th to Dec 18th & Jan 13th to Apr 29th)
  • One short session of 5 weeks called the ‘Jump Session” (May 18th to June 22nd) where the classes will be thematic (e.g. party moves, musicality, vintage routine…)

Do I need a partner to register?

…or can I register by myself?

You can register without a partner, it’s totally possible! However, in the case that the classes aren’t balanced between leaders and followers, we prioritize those students who have signed up with a partner.

In addition, when students sign up without a partner, we prioritize those in the order by which they have signed up… so it’s best to sign up fast!

Also very important!!! The role of the leader and follower are not dependent upon the gender of the student! Therefore, in the case that space is limited due to more leaders than followers, or vise-versa, we encourage students consider learning the other role.

Lastly, we also offer classes dedicated to the learning of both roles (leader and follower). These are great classes, open to everyone, and highly recommended to students who wish to learn more in depth about connection and technique. 

What is our teaching philosophy?

At Monpeul’ Swing we get inspired by the heritage left by the afro-american dancing community who gave birth to the Swing dance. In 1930, the concept of ‘dance class’ didn’t exist for them: those dansers would learn while watching each other and would get inspired by each other and the music that was played in every New York ballroom.

So, even if our pedagogical team will help you through your progression, we try to limit as much as possible pour verbal explanations so that we can privilege the learning by watching and the individual exploration of the moves: there’s never only one way of dancing jazz!

What should I expect on my first day of class?

Except for the solo jazz classes, when you come to class—whether you sign up with or without a partner—you will have the opportunity to dance with all the other students. We believe changing partners is essential to learning the dance, and it gives you the chance to connect to other dancers with ease when dancing in a festival or at a soirée where there are other dancers!

In the dance, there are two roles: leader, and follower. We believe that these roles are not determined by gender, and therefore we encourage you to choose the one which feels right for you. 

How long lasts a class?

Each Lindy Hop (couple) class has a duration of 1h15. In every cours 15 of those minutes will be dedicated to a practice supervised by our teachers, and in some cases this practice will be share between two groups so that the students can danse/meet/exchange with students of other classes.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you come dressed comfortable, with shoes and clothing that allows you to move!