For each level we are reserving one class per week to the learning of both roles. It is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to understand better the nuances of the connection in swing and to dance more!


In our swing 1 classes, you’ll learn the one of the three basic steps: 6 count, 8 count, and charleston.

You can take any one of the three basics at any time, or all three at the same time, the order is up to you. The classes do change throughout the year so any one time slot you choose will give you the opportunity to learn all three basics by the end of the year.

Or, if you’re super motivated, you can take the Addict pass and learn all three basics in one trimester!

In any case, to progress to Swing 2, it is important to be comfortable with all three of these basic steps in your social dancing. 


This level is for those who are at ease with the three basic steps from Swing 1. In this level, you learn more vocabulary and smooth transitions between all the basics.

Also, you will begin to learn the role of leader and follower! Our goal for the Swing 2 is that our dancers begin to develop a sensitivity to each role in the dance in order to better take care of their partners at any given moment. 


Swing 3 is open to advanced dancers who wish to discover more complicated moves and rhythms, as well as learn to dance the both roles (leader and follower)! This class is for those who which to challenge themselves a bit more as well as learn both roles.   


This class is open to all levels and allows you to discover traditional jazz movements from the 1930’s. More so, it helps you work on your musicality and will enrich your lindy hop. In this class, there is no need for a partner!


The “Girls Chorus Line” is a solo jazz class which works on choreographies of a more feminine variety. These choreographies will be based on videos of all girl troupes from the 1930’s. This course is open to all students who have had at least one year of experience dancing swing.